On April 6th, Chicken Soup of the Soul: Be You will be punished with an essay of mine, based on my upcoming book: Take the Easy Path: Creating Lasting Change with Self Love.

My goal for this project is to make it easy for people to create and maintain a life-long healthy lifestyle.

Take the Easy Path: Creating Lasting Change with Self Love is about fashioning a lasting #PathtoHealth. The #GroundingGuidelines (see below) are talismans or touchpoint, helping you get through each day.  This is not a diet or exercise plan, but answers the question: “how do I get through this day/this minute?” while creating a healthy lifestyle.

Take the Easy Path is a paradigm shift, taking a step back to look at not just what you want to do, but how to treat yourself kindly while making the changes for lasting health.  It’s about extracting diet culture, which profits from making us feel bad about ourselves (to the tune of $71bn/yr).  The #GroundingGuidelines shift the focus away from diet culture with its shaming and pressure and onto self love and a slow-but-steady pace. The book and workshop help the reader/participant break down previous attempts at getting healthy and create an individualized #PathtoHealth they can follow for a lifetime.

This website is being upgraded as you read and should be available mid-March. Keep an eye on this page!