So today is the 13th anniversary of my husband’s death. We were married 13 years, bringing an odd symmetry. It was 13 years of medical nightmares, constant stress (will this phone call be the one?), glorious travel & lavish entertaining with a group of widely diverse friends. Dealing with his alcoholism & rage. Huge professional achievements with his encouragement. So much growth, learning how to be in a relationship, learning to be a manager in a Fortune 20 company, learning how to manage a patchwork career, be a geek, navigate the frightening world of health care, & finally learning how to let go. The wonderful life I have now is built on lessons learned in my marriage – and unlearning lessons taught by accommodating the dysfunction of alcoholism.. He supported my career & my writing & ranted at me & tore me down. He was wildly creative, excessively generous & hella complicated. Here’s to you, Jeff Culberson. ❤️😢