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Body Positivity Badass

My business card reads “Journalist, Writer, Poet, Body Positive Activist”. Why settle for one title when you can give yourself four? When I hand this card to people who know me as a journalist, they often stumble over the Body Positive part, and take another look at...

Take the Easy Path

On April 6th, Chicken Soup of the Soul: Be You will be punished with an essay of mine, based on my upcoming book: Take the Easy Path: Creating Lasting Change with Self Love. My goal for this project is to make it easy for people to create and maintain a life-long...

The Circle Meditation

Here's a quick mediation from The Circle by Laura Day on creating your new reality.. It's a lovely 5-ish minute way to reset your mind to your new reality. Enjoy!

13/13 Memories and Moving forward

So today is the 13th anniversary of my husband’s death. We were married 13 years, bringing an odd symmetry. It was 13 years of medical nightmares, constant stress (will this phone call be the one?), glorious travel & lavish entertaining with a group of widely...

So About Last Night

The BF and I were finishing off a day of birthday celebration by watching King Creole (Elvis!) when it started smelling like a campfire. Since this is not typically how our living room smells, I went to check it out. The kitchen was filling up with smoke. I sent the...

Body Positive Activists to Follow

So my new hairdresser asked me to share some Body Positivity mojo with her and I am sharing my answer here.  Luckily, one of my favs, Jes Baker, just published a list of people to follow, so that made my life a lot easier. It's often hard to know where to get started,...