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TC Currie wants to light your way to creating a healthy lifestyle that works for you

as she shares her life hacks for sustainable health.

My Latest Offering

I am so pleased to again have a featured essay in the best selling Chicken Soup for the Soup anthology series. In this newest collection titled:

Be You: 101 Stories of Affirmation, Determination and Female Empowerment


My essay Take The Easy Path, discusses my health journey. This essay is a introduction to my first full length book, Take The Easy Path: Ten Grounding Guidelines For A Better You.

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My Other Works

Here are links to my past and upcoming written works.  Click on the picture to learn more.

Chicken Soup for the Soul: The Power of Gratitude

Featuring my Essay: The Gratefuls

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Coming Soon:

Take the Easy Path: 10 #GroundingGuidelines for a Better You

Meet TC Currie

TC Currie is a technologist with the heart of an artist who’s parlayed her wide range of experiences into lighting the path for others.  

Today TC’s transformational poetry is about being on the path to becoming your authentic self. And her personal essays have won the Solas Travel award and been included in two Chicken Soup of the Soul books: The Power of Gratitude, and Be You: 101 Stories of Affirmation, Determination and Female Empowerment (newly published in 2021).  

TC’s newest book, Take the Easy Path: 10 #GroundingGuidelines for a Better You is about the life-changing lessons she learned on her own journey to health while dumping diet culture along the way.

TC now leads a delightfully eclectic life as a writer, speaker, poet, body positivity activist and occasional lingerie model.  Remember, “if you’re not having fun, you’re not doing it right!”  

My Journey

I first wrote the Grounding Guidelines that Take the Easy Path was built on in 2015.  

At a sedentary 325 pounds, my annual physical showed my blood sugar, cholesterol, and blood pressure all way over target. It was time for serious change. But I was definitely, definitely NOT doing another diet of cramming denial and shame down my throat until I hit some number on a scale. I was tired of obsessing about food, only to watch the weight return, again and again, bringing with it more guilt and shame.  

I broke down every previous attempt at getting healthy. The result is 10 Grounding Guidelines, which became talismans throughout my days, touchstones to reach out to when my path towards health hit the inevitable stumbling blocks.

After a year, my blood sugar dropped 100 points, my blood pressure dropped 40 points, and I’d lost 60 pounds. I had more energy as I incorporated new healthy behaviors, and I was happier because my inner critic was no longer policing my every move.

People around me took notice. “What is your secret?” As I shared my Grounding Guidelines, the responses were engaged.  “No Comparisons” brought tears to the eyes of a friend struggling with self-acceptance.  “No Shaming” gave several people pause as I talked about how I no longer beat myself up when I missed a workout or went on a cookie dough bender. 

 Join me on this journey and create your own #PathtoHealth.


Body Positivity Badass

My business card reads “Journalist, Writer, Poet, Body Positive Activist”. Why settle for one title when you can give yourself four? When I hand this card to people who know me as a journalist, they often stumble over the Body Positive part, and take another look at...

Why Take The Easy Path My Book Reveal! Today I start my new journey, one that has been waiting in the wings for many years.  I first wrote the Grounding Guidelines that Take the Easy Path is built on over five years ago....

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Body Positivity

New to the idea of loving your body? Here are some resources to help.

Ode to Cookie Dough

My Transformational Poetry is about being on the journey of becoming your authentic self.  Each poem drops onto a point in this journey.

TC: Body Positivity Badass

What does this mean, anyway?


“Keep your vitality. A life without health is like a river without water.”

~ Maxime Legace

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