Body Positivity Resources


Want to love your body, but don’t know where to Start?

Here are some of the fierce women who are on the forefront of the Body Positivity movement.  As I say, what I have right now is this body, and today.  And if I don’t love myself, in this body, right now, when is that going to happen?  So why not start now?

Some of these sites are about fat acceptance, some are about the larger conversation of accepting yourself no matter what.  And changing the acceptability of publicly shaming other based on their appearance.  It really seems like no one one is safe.  You’re too fat, too skinny, too androgynous, too, too, too.  You are who you are.  Accept it.  Love it.  Change it if you want, but don’t wait to love yourself. Start today.

Oddly, if you love yourself as you are today, it turns out to much easier to make positive changes.  It’s science. <3

Most of these folks can also be found on Twitter, FB, Instagram and other social media.  They are all on my FB feed.

Body Positivity 101:

Start here: Secrets from 8 Curvy Women Who Love Their Bodies

Next, go here: 5 Tips to Loving Your Curvy Body

Look up these folks:

Chrystal Bougon, owner of Curvy Girl Lingerie and outspoken advocate for loving yourself as you are right now!  Check out her blog and some amazing lingerie here: Curvy Girl  Also follow her on FB to connect to an amazing curvy community.  She also creates a fashion show ever year, featuring her customers so you can see what lingerie looks like on real people.

Jes Baker, The Militant Baker  The mastermind behind the Body Love Conference.  Ask her how many fucks she gives about fat haters.  The post to start with: 13 Body Activists that I Love Dearly

Virgie Tovar is one of the original movers and shakers and originator of #LoseTheHateNotWeight.  Her web page: Virgie Tovar

Virgie writes a kick-ass column for Ravishly called Take the Cake with titles like “I Wasn’t Addicted to Food, I was Addicted to Dieting,” she gives insightful perspective on what Diet Culture is and how to navigate through it.

The Body Is Not An Apology is about Radical Self Love and is a chock full of resources, courageous folks and support for every body, gay, transgender, straight, fat, thin, struggling with eating disorders, depression, and a whole lot more.  They write in gender-neutral terms, which is very eye-opening (at least it has been for me).  Here’s the poem that started it all with the incomparable Sondra Renee: The Body is Not An Apology: Spoken Word Poem

Whtiney Way-Thore started #NoBodyShame, and is now staring in her own Reality TV show, My Big Fat Fabulous Life which starts it’s fourth season in soon.  Here’s her YouTube channel with Fat Girl Dancing, which started it all: Fat Girl Dancing.

Fattitude is a movie in progress.  This team is on the forefront of the Body Positive movement.

Wondering what to wear?  Got you covered. Fashion advice abounds.  I’m not a huge fashionista, but if you are there are dozens of women out there rocking it.  Here’s two that have made it even into my non-fashion life:

The Curvy Fashionista  is a delightful romp into the world of affordable fashion.  Last week she took $100 to Burlington and reported on what she got.  Marie is a delight.

Unless you live under a rock, you know that Tess Munster is the first actual plus-sized model signed to a major agency (most “plus sized” models are size 12.  Tess is 22).  She is high fashion and gorgeous:  The Plus Size Life: Tess Munster

Kat Stroud is an adorable 50’s style pin-up model and body positive activist.  She’s helping redefine what is considered commercial.

TC and a rare land appearance by Luckie the Mermaid

TC and a rare land appearance by Luckie the Mermaid

And a MermaidMermaid Luckie  Because who doesn’t want to end with a Mermaid?