ArizonaI’ve been wanting to see the Grand Canyon for years and years.  I even lived in Phoenix for 11 months back in the ’80s and never made it that far north. I was not earning much money and it’s an 8 hour round trip.  Also, there was no one to share it with.


Roadside Deer Welcomes us to the Grand Canyon

Roadside Deer Welcomes us to the Grand Canyon

But our base in Flagstaff is only 1-1/2 hours away, so Sunday after the BF is done with his editing gig, we head out to see the Grand Canyon at sunset.

After the welcome from the deer, we boarded the Kaibab shuttle to Yaki point, which is the best place to view sunset, according to the National Park Service website.

GC portraitEverything they say about the Grand Canyon is true.  It is huge.  It is awe inspiring.  It is beautiful.  It makes you feel at once connected to the infinite and insignificant.  When you stand at the edge, you feel like you can fall forever (this is not too far off, the canyon floor is 1 mile down). There is no way to capture the immensity in a photograph.  And yet everyone tries.





GC Dave

I wrapped my teflon cape round me in an attempt to escape the frigid winds as I sat on a rock watching the sun make subtle changes in the shadows.  I took several family group photos to give the photographers a chance to be in the picture.  We went from one vantage point to another, watching the slow changes, feeling the majesty, feeling connected, feeling awed.

After I could no longer stand the cold, we headed back to the shuttle bus.  I hung out in the visitors center area while the BF jogged the mile to the Mather Point overlook and watched some more.  Then we bundled into Toa and headed down the road for some food before we drove the 1-1/2 hours back to Flagstaff.

Yippee-EI-O! Steakhouse

Yippee-EI-O! Steakhouse

We found this great steakhouse and I badgered the BF into getting steak instead of chicken because we’re in the southwest and they know from steak.  Oh my, smoked and grilled and tender, with all the sides.  Waitstaff in cowboy hats.  Western kitch heaven.  At the table next us was Barb and her daughter, whose picture I’d taken a few hours before.  Turns out Barb is a broadcast journalist with NPR in Tennessee.  I mentioned Tennessee and she gave me her number and asked me to call when we get there.  A road trip surprise.


The ride home brought another road trip delight.  We pulled the car over at the top of an 8000 ft. pass and got out of the car.  The stars, which we never really see in the City, were spread above us like a magic carpet.  There was no other traffic; it was completely dark except for the millions of pinpoints of light, twinkling, dazzling, blessing us from above.

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