CAI am writing this from Bakersfield, CA.  I have spent the day staring at my computer screen in a vain attempt to get my brain to work after making a million million decisions (does this go into storage?  front or back of unit? what will I wear for the next 6 months?  will it fit in my suitcase?  how many pairs of shoes do I need?  Oh crap I have to do my taxes this week! Gotta get TOA a tuneup for the road).

I watched the sun rise through the picture window this morning from the comfy couch at our AirBnB place.  Empty nesters turned their three kid’s rooms into rentals.  It’s a great set-up — master suite on one side of the house, three rooms + bath on the other, huge open living space in the middle.  Pushbutton fireplace, large stuffed recliner sofas, big screen TV, very genial hosts who provide water breakfast and snacks for their guests.  They even fed us dinner after we asked for recommendations.  A wonderful first AirBnB experience, and a great way to recover from the stress of getting on the road.

It’s just beginning to dawn on me that WE MADE THIS HAPPEN!!!!!!

IMG_20160314_205837Monday night we went out to dinner with Michael, Jeff’s cousin.  I’d been anxious about seeing him because of all the stuff I’ve been through and I lost so much of his family’s history, but in the end it didn’t matter.  He carved some time out of his crazy busy schedule — he’s a personal injury attorney and just finished up a case — and we had a delightful dinner catching up with him and his lady Angie, who is delightful.  We had a great time and I am so very glad that I contacted him!

Tomorrow we pack up and head to 29 Palms for a few days to spend some time in the desert.

Next Stop: Joshua Tree

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