Poem-a-Day 11-9: Messages

“Foods you must stop eating now!” “How to get rid of stomach fat!” “Don’t eat at another restaurant until you read this!” “Don’t make thesis mistakes when…” and my favorite: “You’re pooping wrong.” Ahhh, Facebook.     I am a positive gal in the process of becoming an optimist. Hard work, that. After years of […]... Read More

Poem a Day 11 8: Resources

I am curious as to why I ignore the resources I have   They are close at hand, waiting to be help, but history and habit compel me to work alone do everything on my own.   That worked, as a child, but this new world revolves around assistance and community People helping people Asking for […]... Read More

Poem a Day 11 6: Ode to My FUPA

So I found out last week that I have a new body part.  Well, it’s not exactly new, it’s just that no one ever mentioned to me that I have a FUPA.  And let me just pause a moment and be grateful to each and every one of you for that fact.  Thank you. So […]... Read More