We Are the Wonder Women or I Am Done

It’s not my shame, it’s their shame

My rapists and harassers

The men who have preyed on me 

Disregarding, then discarding me

Battered, broken and betrayed

Burdening me with their guilt

But it’s not my shame and

I am Done

I am Done 

carrying this shame that is not mine

I am Done 

saying everything is just fine 

behind their whispers 

and my silence

I am Done

Giving a fuck about what happens to them

It is their shame

Their lives of quiet evil

Expecting the world to mold itself 

around their twisted existence

It is their shame.

The time has come for us to cast off those burdens

That were never ours to bear

It is Time for us

to name our pain out loud

It is Time for Truth AND Consequences

It is Time for men to call out other men to hold themselves to the higher standard of simple human decency

It is Time for us to touch our hearts to the divine and 

Claim our Power

For We Are the Wonder Women

Lassos of truth at our hips

It is time to hold up our shields

Against the bullets of gas lighting and slander 

Our words are our swords

that slice through evil and cut down lies

Our strength

Our strength is in our solidarity

And It.  Is. Time.