You (How do You Drive a Narcissist Crazy?)

It is my duty to


to come back for the holidays,

so here I am,

standing in front of


after a long journey.



are yelling.

You are telling me how disappointed in me

You are (again) and

You are not happy, not happy at all, and

You deserve to be happy, just once in your life and look at all of the things that

You have done for me, all of the things that

You have given to me until

You have nothing left to give

(but anger, I think. There’s always plenty of anger).

You … are the parent, I think.

You are supposed be happy to see me, I think

You are supposed to be caring,

You are supposed to …


but it doesn’t matter what

You are supposed

to do,

only what

You do


But today,

it is different,

for now

I have resources

and strategies;

because I have been in therapy,

in my life

far away from


I am learning how to love myself and

I am exploring, for the first time, what

I need, what

I want, what

I deserve.

And now I can see

You, and your monster beneath,

as separate from me and

and right now,

watching you scream,

it is so clear

what I want,

what I need,

and what I deserve.

So I

turn away from your twisted face,

disconnecting myself from the noise and

and your spewing anger.

Walking away

I find a new joke.

How do you drive a narcissist crazy?


ignore her.