Two Steps in Sassy Shoes

I have just discovered

that the way to my happiness

is my willingness to want.

No, not the shallow wanting

of some of this,

or more of that,

or another pair of sassy shoes.

But the Deep Wanting

that reverberates within my soul.

Buying sassy shoes instead of doing the Good Work

only focuses

on the wrong kinds of soles!

It takes silence

and calm

to hear my Wants,

and a longing to know

what will truly fill

the hollowness I feel.

I have been standing on the edge of the Well of Wanting for so long,

peering into the depths,

not knowing

what lies in the darkness,

afraid of the silence and the calm.

But today, I take a deep breath

and climb down.

My Wanting is deep,

but, the Well

is not.

The darkness,

instead of assaulting me as expected,

is soothing

and serene.

I feel safe.

As the darkness

is dispelled by my presence,

I look around for my soul’s desire.

But I find only

piles of this and that,

trinkets collected

in attempts to fill the holes in my soul,

sassy shoes purchased thinking I could click those heels together

and be transported to happiness.

I stand in the well,

calmness wrapped around me,

and I feel Divine Love entering me,

a soothing balm.

It is from this place

that I begin.

It is from this place

I finally understand

what I truly want.

And at once

I feel connected to the earth,

to god, and,

at last,

to myself.

But there are two steps y’all.

I must now speak aloud

that which I desire.

The Tibetans, those ancient souls,

can silently write their prayers on flags

which the winds carry up to the Gods.

But us younger folk,

we must give voice

to that which we desire.

Hiding our wants in silence

only thwarts the true nature of love,

turning the soul’s desires into anger or silliness,

or trinkets or shoes.

So after climbing out of the Well of Wanting,

knowing for the first time

the true treasure of my Soul’s Desire,

I stand

with my feet planted on the ground

declare in a loud voice,

giving my soul’s desires wings

to the Holy One’s ears.

“I want.”

“I want

to love and have my love returned.”

“I want

to do good to myself

and to others.”

“I want

to make a difference in this world.”

“I want,

I want,

I want.”

Released, my holy desires fly toward fulfillment

and my soul is comforted.

Now don’t sassy shoes sound silly?