The Trek

At long last, my trek is over!

That long, arduous journey,

constantly uphill,

heavily weighted

by baggage from my past.

Carrying the tonnage of secrets

and lies

from my family,

foisted upon my small shoulders

to ease their burdens.

The heaviness

of lies of my own

told to myself

in order to bear the evil surrounding me.

And the weighty secrets of my heart’s desires

neither spoken nor shared.

Climbing, endlessly

trudging uphill

in darkness,

burdened, exhausted,

but somehow

knowing that healing

was only up ahead.

Not able to see any future,

yet using all my strength

to put one foot in front of the other,

doubled over by the weight I carried.

Thus, I grew strong

toiling into adulthood.

At times, my trail would cross the path of others.

Glad for the company, we would stop,

share our travels.

I’d talk the heaviness of my burdens.

“Just put them down,” they would advise,

going on their lighthearted ways.

I shake my head and laugh softly.

“You don’t understand,”

I’d say to their retreating backs.

“These burdens are bound to me

with ties that entwine my soul.

To put them down would rip me apart.”

Now and again I happen upon a healer,

or a magician,

or a wise woman,

who would help me untangle a knot,

gently releasing one burden or another

before being on their way.

A shaman,

more wise ones,

each knowing different rope tricks,

until one by one

the burdens lowered to the ground;

one by one

the burdens released from my soul.

One by one.

Less and less.

Lighter and lighter.

Standing straighter and straighter.

Until at last

I stand here,

upright and strong,

carrying only the supplies I need to go forward.

My soul free.