I used to think my body was all earth,

with a few drops of water added

so I could cry.

But to my surprise,

I now find

that it is also


My electrical plant is powered

by love,

so the sparks I feel inside

are love,

and the twinkle in my eye is love,

and the glow of my skin,

and the energy I drench myself in,

and the energy I send to others,

all come from this loving,

electrical place.

These love sparks fuel my life,

and kindle the flames of desire,

and light the fire of devotion,

to the Divine

in me,

in you,

in us all.

This fire burns away

all that is no longer useful in my life,

leaving room for play,

and joy.

Listen my friend:

when the electric spark

in you


with the electric spark

in me,

that alchemy

connects us

to God.