Psychic Vampires

I did not understand,

in the beginning,

why I felt so drained

every time we got together.

Slowly, I came to realize that

you are a Psychic Vampire,

one of those miserable creatures

whose sustenance

is the energy

of others.

When we meet, you sink your fangs into

the lifeblood of my emotions.

You season even the smallest task

with crisis.

This is a game to you,

always amping up the emotion,

always spinning me up,

drawing me out,

playing upon my



making me feel

anxious, agitated, distraught, upset, fearful, crazed –


but calm.

My emotions,

your banquet,

the more intense my fear,

the more tasty your feast.

I am depleted

and demoralized,

yet still feel obligated

to keep seeing you,

to keep helping,

to keep giving,

and giving,

and giving,

until exhaustion

dogs my heels like a lost puppy.

Until I realized

that my feelings of responsibility

were part of your game,

and your game

would be eternal (since vampires never die);

always another crisis,

always another set of exhausting events,

forever spinning out of control.

So I told you:

Be gone.


Alas! Psychic vampires will not willingly relinquish a source of sustenance.

“What will I do without you,” you beseeched,

playing on my emotions,

your arms turning into tentacles

creeping unseen

through cracks in my determination.

You sniggered at my failure, and

smugly continued to feast.

I hacked off your tentacles and tried banishment again,

to no avail;

your cravings

stronger than my determination

in my weakened state.

So I decided

to change tactics.

Learning from you, the lessons of misdirection,

I leave your tentacles undisturbed.

Quietly, I build an impenetrable defense,

buttressing my castle walls,

filling my moat,

asking friends for reinforcement,

and rehearsing my final speech.


finally ready,

I pull up my drawbridge

and sever all your tentacles in one sweep

abandoning your blood-sucking self

behind my moat.

You shriek in agony, begging

with appeals

carefully calculated

to be irresistible.

Standing in my fortified castle

safe and calm,

I present a deaf ear to

your now-resistible pleas.