Ode to Cookie Dough

Oh! The creamy sweetness rolling around my mouth.

Stiffened by flour, the dough expands across my tongue until

hard nibs of chocolate

are all that’s left.

My tongue slithers around the nibs and I bite down and


the chocolate happiness bursts in my mouth and I feel …



I feel that I am OK

as I am

right now.

The cookie dough,

all soft and smooth and non-judgmental,

envelopes me with warmth

and kindness.

The softness is accepting

no matter what I’ve done.

The chocolate expects nothing from me

but happiness.

At once, I feel calm

and safe,

and soothed,

and deserving.

But today I have questions:

How do I translate this soft, contented happiness

from my mouth

into my life?

If I can feel

loved and safe and deserving and accepted and happy for a moment,

can I feel it for a minute?

for an hour?

for a day?

What I truly need to know is this:

How I can lavish upon myself

the love I feel for the dough?