Let it Go, pt. 2

Of course, anyone who’s ever done any work on themselves

knows this to be bullshit.

It’s not

a simple matter of saying,

“Let it Go”

and then poof! It’s gone.

The monster leaves me drenched and cold,

goo is sticky and hard to get off, and

walls can sometimes stretch for miles.

In truth this is where the Good Work begins.

Now is the time

to take hold of my power,

and Take Action.

Moving carefully forward,

sidestepping the temptation to wallow in the familiar muck.

Re-engaging the Past is not the shortcut it at first appears;

in truth it is a greased slide into despair.

This I have learned after many hard lessons.

The secret trick, I have found,

is Be Prepared!

Dry myself off:

lay in a supply of towels,

and bundle up.

Mop up the ooze:

buy a case of Goo-Be-Gone,

and keep rags close at hand.

Start hiking:

buy new running shoes,

and always carry a water bottle.

Keeping my heart open

and eyes forward.