Change is strange, I think.

Delighted to find a brass kaleidoscope in the midst of a party,

looking at the jumble of colors,

making one small click to the right,

over and over,

waiting for the moment

when everything will change.

This is like my life, I think.

I want to change,

so I plunge in,

expecting immediate results,

doing the Good Work.

But I have found that hard work

brings about little visible change

in the beginning.

Work (click),

Work (click),

Work (click), plugging along,

changing bad habits,

looking for the new.

Work (click),

Work (click),

Work (click),

Ah! one piece falls,

and the view changes, a bit.

Work (click),

Work (click),

Work (click),


wondering if all this work

is going to make any difference.

Work (click),

Work (click), {sigh}

Work, (click), Really? Nothing?

Work (click), I know I’m looking in the right place.

Work (click), I know I’m doing the Good Work.

Work (click), BAM!

The rocks tumble over and over themselves,

and a whole new pattern emerges

in a glorious jumble of color.

I smile,

feeling accomplished

and validated.

This is the perfect place to begin again.