“Foods you must stop eating now!”

“How to get rid of stomach fat!”

“Don’t eat at another restaurant until you read this!”

“Don’t make thesis mistakes when…”

and my favorite:

“You’re pooping wrong.”

Ahhh, Facebook.  

I am a positive gal in the process of becoming an optimist. Hard work, that.

After years of depression fueled by stress,

working my way out with drugs


and making grateful lists.

I am on the other side of the valley of darkness, wanting to

Connect through FB, controlling my feed as much as I can through blocking, liking and careful friending,

wanting to see adorable animals, positive quotes, and dear friends.

What I am fed is outrage,

disgust, can you believe this,


Don’t Do

You Can’t

You’re doing it wrong

ad upon ad upon ad

the algorithm faithfully showing me people I don’t care about instead of those I love

and the illusion of connection that leaves me unfilfilled.

Hope springs eternal, so I keep coming back, fueled by the few posts from those I care about, seeing their lives in a way I would otherwise never see.

But I realize now the illusion is covering the crap, making it harder and harder to believe in myself, despite all the Zig Ziglar and Dali Lama and Positivity memes.

Social Media is making me unsocial.

I will henceforth focus on connecting with people IRL

Because that is what feeds my soul.