LASo I arrived in New Orleans (NOLA for those in the know) and had the whole weekend to myself.  Katy and I have catching up to do, and I’m pretty worn out.

TC & Katy, together again

TC & Katy, together again

Katy is the kind of friend who you don’t see for years and when you see them, it’s like no time has passed, except that you have a lot of talking to do.  I’ve arrived on a Thursday night and Katy has work the next day, so we got to bed early.  The next day, I lolled around the house, catching up on sleep.  When she got home, we took Jules for a walk to a restaurant in her neighborhood. Yelp says it’s close, less than 1/2 mile.  Katy says, “It’s farther than you think.”  Katy, of course, is correct.  But I stop and rest in the southern heat, which is not yet unbearable, and we have dinner, mostly fried food (because NOLA) and walk back, stopping at the ice cream store on the way home.  I end up walking over 5000 steps (~2/12 miles) which is the most I’ve walked since Austin.  Go me!

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Jules & I watch TV on the couch

We talked about her new job and talk about my life and what’s been happening and her life and … we crashed about 1 a.m..  The next day, Katy showed me how to work the TV Netflix and on-demand with the dual remotes and I discovered The White Queen, and House of Cards and caught up on Game of Thrones and Outlander.  It was glorious.  Starting at Christmas, I’d cut back on TV and rarely turn it on anymore.  A few AirBnB places were apologetic about the lack, but it never bothered us.  I don’t even watch on my computer.  But in Katy’s house, with a lovely TV and Jules keeping me company, it was bliss.

After a few days, The BF will join me and we’re off to our next AirBnB adventure.  We can’t stay with Katy, whose house is the typical ‘gunshot’ style common in NOLA where the rooms lead from one to another in a row (you can shoot a gun and the bullet will go from one end of the house to the other without hitting a wall, so I hear).  Unfortunately, as is typical,  getting to the bathroom requires walking through Katy’s bedroom.  While that’s ok for me, it’s a bit too weird for a guy she’s never met.

Katy has heard of AirBnB, of course, but has never had an occasion to use it, her traveling for the past few years been concentrated on visiting family.  But once I explained the app to her, she got hooked and started shooting me places to look at.  I showed her the places I had picked out and she started refusing them one by one.  Not that neighborhood!  Well, maybe that neighborhood, you have to zoom in, it depends on what street it’s on.  The west side of that district is nowhere you want to be, but some of the east side might be ok.  Oh god, someone in there is thinking that a tourist will want to stay with them?!?  That kind of thing.  In the meantime, The BF is being wishy-washy about whether he even wants to stay in NOLA.  He was here once in his early 20s on a whirlwind road trip from Indiana, down in 2 days, 1 day at Mardi Gras, and 2 days back.  Not the best intro to the city.  In the end, we go with, which gets us a lovely BnB (actual BnB, not AirBnB for a very reasonable price, just on the edge of the French Quarter.

What’s not to love?

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