I’ve had a request to pass on our Itinerary, in case someone wants to join us at some point along our trail.  If you are going to be somewhere, or want to join up with us, please let us know!

This is a bit tricky because we’re being flexible, but I’ll pass on what our current plan is.  This is subject to change, as we find out more about how to make traveling on the road work for us.  We have to be stationery Thursdays through Mondays in order to work.

We are currently in Flagstaff and leave here Tuesday morning.

Santa Fe, NM, 4/1-18 ish

Carlsbad Caverns, then across TX

Austin TX area 4/21-25 ish

Houston/Galveston 4/28-5/2   then on to

NOLA to hang, sightsee and attend JazzFest until early-mid May.

This is where things get fuzzy.

We might head down to FL, or head up through Alabama, and Tennessee to the Atlantic.  We were planning on going to South Carolina and North Carolina, but the hateful legislation just passed in NC makes me not want to go there at all.

Virginia: we plan on staying in the state for at least a couple of weeks, maybe three.  There is a lot we want to see, touristing the capital, Monticello, Mt. Vernon, Colonial Willaimsberg, the Smithsonian Institute.  A lot.  So between sight seeing and work, we’ll be there a while.

NYC!  We have two places to stay here, so we may be able to stay a couple of weeks.

We’ll turn west, stop at Niagara Falls, then continue on to OH, where we both have friends.

Possibly Chicago, although most of the people I hoped to see have not returned my calls 🙁

From there, it depends on whether my dear friend Jill is at home in WI, or has taken her girls to Colorado, where we both grew up.  If she’s in CO, we’ll head there.

We might stop in South Dakota to see Abena; it depends on whether we come from WI or CO.

We will end up in Boise for a bit, and hit OR on our way back to CA.

We may need to ask our submitters if they want to extend 🙂