The Grounding Guidelines Workshop


A Transformational Journey


What if you could live a healthier life every day and leave shame, guilt, and overwhelm behind? What if you saw your day as full of possibilities instead of a minefield of good and bad food triggers? What could you do with all the time freed up by not obsessing over your body and your food choices?

TC’s latest workshop, Grounding Guidelines, is a transformational journey that will lead you to see yourself in a new light and make better choices. TC teaches you practical strategies for lasting health. The workshop, based on the upcoming book, Take the Easy Path: 10 Grounding Guidelines for a Better You, incorporates real-life exercises helping you release the hold diet culture myths that have stolen happiness from your life.

TC Currie’s workshop comes from her personal experience and journey to better health. After she received a wake-up call that stopped her in her tracks, TC had to learn how to put her health first without losing herself in the process.

It was then that she developed the Ten Grounding Guidelines that would transform her life.

The Grounding Guidelines are touchstones to help you get through every day. They will create space to add self love to your journey towards health.  By enabling you make healthier choices slowly and thoughtfully, the Guidelines spread celebration and gratitude along your journey. Thus, allowing you to treat yourself kindly while creating a sustainable healthy lifestyle.

This workshop is for anyone that is sick of feeling bad. Feeling bad about your body, about obsessive attention to food, and about feeling like you’ll never be healthy or think ‘enough.’ Because no one told you it could be different.  Feeling that the societal norm of punishing your body is somehow more acceptable than believing that your body should be a source of celebration no matter what the numbers in a chart or on a scale say. That you don’t have to wait to enjoy life before you fit into a specific size.

TC will show you there is another way.  A new way to take the easy path toward sustainable health. And it can start immediately.  

She will personally guide you through the grounding guidelines over 4 weekly sessions during this virtual Take The Easy Path workshop. Together, you’ll learn about TC’s journey while you navigate your own road to better health.

The Grounding Guidelines is not a diet but a radical change in mindset that anyone can do. Taking the Easy Path is all about making the journey the goal.

Join us! And prepare to feel empowered, liberated, and welcomed to a positive community that supports each other in success. Get ready to Take the Easy Path, a revolutionary workshop that will free you from a diet myth culture you didn’t even know held you back.

The workshop includes:

  • 4 Live Virtual Sessions of 1-½ hours each
  • Exercises and Antidotes to help you experience mindset breakthroughs and experience better health
  • A Fun and celebratory curriculum that will add joy to your day
  • A Private FB Group only for the participants of this current workshop and entry into the community at large.
  • A weekly hour live with TC in the FB group where she’s available to answer questions and perhaps drop a bonus exercise or two.

What this is NOT:

  • A diet
  • A restrictive or confusing set of rules
  • An exercise plan
  • Another way to make you feel like a failure

Ready to start? Enroll today!  Signup closes on November 4th.

Saturday sessions start on November 6, 2021

Wednesday session start on November 10, 2021.

NOTE: we will be taking the week of Thanksgiving off.