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TC Currie is a writer, data geek, poet, body positive activist and occasional lingerie model. After spending 25 years in software development, she wrote her first novel during National Novel Writing Month and fell in love with creative writing and tech journalism.  Her essay “The Gratefuls” is included in Chicken Soup for Soul: The Power of Gratitude and her travel essay “Checkers and Humanity” won the silver medal at the Solas Travel Awards and several of her stories for TheNewStack.io have hit the front page of Slashdot.

After deciding to move away from the cubicle world, TC now splits her time between writing journalist articles, personal essays, reviews, and poetry, and finishing her novel. Her collection of Transformational Poetry, “The Empty Promises of Plastic Wrap” is being turned into a 1-woman show. These poems are  full of universal truths, familiar problems, cookie dough, and psychic vampires. The poems draw the reader into a journey along the path of personal transformation from darkness through hard work into energy, connection, and light.

She is passionate about helping people finding their voice on their journey to becoming their authentic selves.

A member of Left Coast Writers, TC is author of a poetry collection, a self-help book on surviving surgery, a mystery novel, and many personal essays in addition to maintaining her blog and writing technical articles for TheNewStack.io and other publications.

4 thoughts on “About TC

  1. TC – It was nice meeting you at the Cary, N.C Barnes & Noble Friday night. When I get a minute I’ll catch up on your blogs.

    Babs & Glenn Thore

  2. My wish is to find you safe and healthy this day and those ahead of us..
    I am impressed with who you are. Fun,creative and apparently successful.
    I am an aging 78 year old Italian American,who by the grace of God made it halfway through the 10th grade of high school.
    I was the oldest of 9 and my father didn’t know I was gone for months, I lied to join the Navy at 16,and I promise you the stories I have amassed will be jaw dropping.. Ok maybe lip dropping.
    I need help to assimilate dozens of raw short stories and have them cleaned up for a self publishing and vanity reducing hard cover. I am real and beyond the horizon .I have US currency..

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