It’s ON!!!

Monday, I got a text at 6:38 a.m. asking if our place was still available. A young couple inquired over a month ago, but decided to keep looking. They came by and we really like them. Justin is a vet who works two jobs. Caroline is in culinary school (which is why the love our […]... Read More
Certainty Vanishing into the distance

Self Love for the 21st Century. Happy Valentine’s Day.

Although I am in a very happy and loving relationship these days, lately I’ve been turning my attention to giving myself love. I went to a Hot Flashes reading last night for Left Coast Writers. The theme was “Love in the 21st century” so there were readings on zombie love and S&M fire play along […]... Read More

Lilycat and Stuff: The Curvy Poet

I am so so so excited to share with you the link to the podcast I did last Sunday with the delightful Lilycat!  I had so so so much fun talking about Body Positivity, life, being Curvy, and, of course, performing my poetry.  And she starts the podcast with one of my most favorite songs […]... Read More