Let it Go

What do you do when the Monster of the Past

rears its ugly head,

activating engrained responses,

and splashing hurt over your day?


Wave it away.

Let it go.


What do you do when the Slime from the Past

oozes onto your day,

the goo smothering your energy,

and leaching your happiness?


Wash it off.

Let it go.


What do you do when the Troubles of the Past

spring up like a brick wall of regrets,

blocking your vision

and stopping your morning walk?


Walk around it.

Let it go.


For the monster will surface,

and the slime will ooze,

and the wall will rise.


But engaging the Past,

which holds only stale emotions,

robs you of Today.


To be Free,


turn your face toward the heavens,

open your hands and


let it go,

let it go,

let it go.




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