Transformational Poetry


Ode to Cookie Dough  is a collection of Transformational Poetry.  TC Currie uses familiar objects from everyday life and humor to connect the reader to the toil of transformation, their triumphs, and their connection to the Divine, offering comfort and hope for those in the midst of struggle.

Full of universal truths, familiar problems, cookie dough, and psychic vampires, TC’s poems follow the path of those who have the courage to take an honest look at their lives, evaluate their actions, and do the hard work to become a better person.

In the personalized style of Rumi and Mirabai, TC Currie draws the reader into a journey along the path of personal transformation from darkness into energy, connection and light.

Here are some samples from my YouTube Channel:

Ode To Cookie Dough “How do I lavish upon myself, the love I feel for the dough?”

Psychic Vampires “… your arms turning into tentacles, creeping unseen through the cracks in my determination.”

I am Too Old for This Shit “I am too old to continue to pattern my life on what I think others think I should or should not do..”

Question to a Butterfly “Did it hurt, little one, in your dark cocoon…”

Sparks “I used to think my body was all earth, with a few drops of water added so I can cry.  But now, to my surprise, I find it is also … electric!”

Here’s the full journey, darkness to light (you can find these in the drop-down menu as well):

The Darkness

The Bicycle Trip


It is No Accident that Truth, Justice and Liberty are Women

Ode to Cookie Dough

Question to a Butterfly

Him (or The Quilt)

Let it Go

Let it Go pt. 2


You (How do You Drive a Narcissist Crazy?)

The Empty Promises of Plastic Wrap

When Will it End?

Psychic Vampires

I am Too Old for This Shit

The Trek

The Toast

Two Steps in Sassy Shoes

The Universe Thinks I’m Deserving

I Do Not Understand this New World Where Everything I Want is OK

It was a Thing of Beauty







Ode to My FUPA

Seasons Change

Celebration of the Rain

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