Making WFH Work For You

Have you been thrown into Working from Home (WFH) and finding the adjustment difficult?

Are you managing teams remotely who are struggling to cope with this new mandate?

TC Currie can help.  WFH, as many people are finding out, requires a different skill set than being in an office.  Still, maintaining productivity during this transition is critical.

Making WFH Work for You is a 30 minute, (virtual obvs) workshop that is time-effective and drops knowledge with actionable items.  All participants receive a list of important points to remember, giving them confidence to manage this transition with minimal loss to their productivity.

TC shares what works for her and others, covering topics like:

  • Setting up your home office
  • Working with your manager remotely
  • Managing your work hours
  • Replacing  water cooler connections
  • And more

Contact TC at to schedule a webinar for your self or your team of remote workers.

TC Currie

After working in software development for 25 years, TC transitioned to WFH six years ago, and it was … not a smooth adjustment.  Drawing from her experience, that of her partner, (who’s been WFH for over 20 years).

She is a storyteller, workshop leader, speaker, writer, tech journalist, poet and body positive activist.  She has keynoted API Days and Developer Week 2020, in addition to presenting her talk “What Should You Always Be Learning.”