Content Editing

I am a storyteller, writer, content editor, journalist, data geek, poet, body positive activist and occasional lingerie model.   I am enthusiastic about helping people reach their full potential.

My goal is to make your work shine.  

I know how hard it is to get everything in your head onto paper 🙂

Editing for passive voice, telling not showing, narrative thread and confusing bits, I identify what works and what does not. 

Each session also doubles as a class in craft, describing why I recommend my changes so you can learn and improve your writing.

My feedback is detailed and delivered with kindness.

Let me help you.

About Me

I’ve been working in the tech industry as a professional journalist and content writer/editor for the last several years.

Back in 2012, I wrote my first novel and fell in love with creative writing.  I joined Left Coast Writers and have been working on improving my craft ever since. 

While I’m passionate about writing, I’ve found that I enjoy the editing process because every time I edit, the writing gets better!  I love that.

My essays are published in Chicken Soup for the Soul: The Power of Gratitude, and won the silver medal at the Solas Travel Awards.  Several of my tech articles have made the front page of SlashDot and HackerNews.

How I work 

We will connect by phone and talk about your project, scope and timing. After I’m done editing, we’ll connect again and talk through your work. Then I get paid 🙂


TC Currie created the most wonderful experience for me while editing a short story.  I had not had anything professionally edited before and I can tell you it was intimidating to try.  I was surprised that I came away feeling better about myself than before.  This was not because I didn’t need changes but because of the way she guided me to those changes.  She didn’t make them she questioned and guided.  I came away not feeling someone else took over but that someone brought out the best in me.  It was a really worthwhile experience.” Gera H.

I have been working with TC for about a month now. I’m a K-pop fanfiction writer. And I can honestly say I absolutely LOVE TC. I checked out several editor’s ads, and hers just stood out to me. It opened with “Friendly Content Editor,” and her smile totally backed that up. So I chose her. And its one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. My fear with working with a professional editor is that the stories would be completely changed and no longer feel like my own. Well I’m happy to report, She Does NOT Do That. She enhances the storyline, she supports the characters, she brings to life parts or sections that need a little help. But she does not butcher everything, namely your self esteem, by killing any semblance of what you originally wrote. I have no doubt in my mind now I’ll be able to fulfill my dreams of publishing my work. I love her, I trust her, and I’m staying with her. – M. Wilkey  

TC Currie recently edited my latest mystery novel. The manuscript had previously been work-shopped extensively, but the detailed edits she came up with helped me improve weak spots that I, and everyone else, had missed. She pointed out many passive passages, continuity inconsistencies and dialogue problems, as well as line edits. After reworking these passages, I can now send the manuscript out to agents with confidence. I will be using her again as my editor.” Robert E.

“TC Currie is a poet and spoken word performance artist. Her poetry is accessible, powerful and always packs an emotional punch. As a content editor, T.C. knows how to get to the core of what the author is trying to say. She cuts away the floatsam and the fluff, but in a very kind and respectful way. Her passion is helping authors make their work stronger, clearer and more powerful.” Maureen Dixon, East Bay Writers Group


Depends on your project. A sliding scale is available. 

Contact Me

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