What I'll be Wearing

Courage and Lingerie Fashion Show Modeling

Sunday I am walking the runway for the Curvy Girl Lingerie We’ve Got Curve Appeal Fashion Show. It’s my second year and inevitably, when I tell people I’m doing this, their comment is “you’re so brave.”  This always catches me off guard, because I don’t think of this as courageous. There are things I have done in […]... Read More
Fried Rice take 1

Fast Dinners: Fried Rice

I made fried rice the other night.  I got the recipe from Rhys Ford: http://rhysford.com/2014/01/29/how-to-cook-fried-rice/ While you’re getting the recipe, take a look around.  She’s a great writer with a range of books. This recipe is easy to follow and took 10 minutes, start to finish.  I added a lot more veggies than in the recipe, […]... Read More