Life is an Adventure; This is Mine

Welcome to my new bTC in the Redwoodslog.  I am going to gather all of my interests here, so the site may seem disjointed to some people, but I am, as we all are, multi-faceted.

I am a poet, a writer, a business woman, an entrepreneur, and an activist.  I am into mysteries (earthbound and otherwise), the Body Positive movement, positivity in general, and transforming my habits into healthy ways of moving through the world.

Through my poetry, I connect to others and hope to provide a way for those on the hard journey of becoming their authentic selves to feel connected and inspired.  We are, none of us, on this path alone.

I have stepped out of the cubicle world and am rolling my own life now.  It’s exhilarating and scary and exhausting and I can’t wait to see what happens next!

3 thoughts on “Life is an Adventure; This is Mine

  1. How did you find this blog website. Was it free for you? Rose and I are thinking of starting a blog of our writing.

    1. This web page is on WordPress, which I highly recommend. It’s easy to set up (there are a huge variety of themes to choose from). There’s a lot you can do with WordPress, but it’s also really easy to get started and just start posting. Super easy. We can set up a time for me to walk you through it if that would help, but I’m sure Rose will have no trouble :).

      And AWESOME that you are wanting to make your writing public! WTG!.

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